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There are numerous videos on YouTube from channels dedicated to quick 5-minute meditation music. Ever wonder why? Clearly, there is a high demand for such content. The main reason seems to be that there are people who suffer from mental stress in general. People have reported issues insomnia, difficulty in sleeping without some background noise. There are various reasons increasing stress levels across the planet.

Clearly, increasing stress levels is one of the major concerns of our time. People seem more exhausted because of work. Folks don’t spend as much time with family. Most importantly, people are increasingly getting hooked on social media. All these factors contribute to poor mental health over time. People don’t realize when symptoms of depression kick in. And before they know it, it’s too late.

To summarise, these dangerous habits have become a part of our lives. We can’t simply choose to block it all out. After all, these habits are the basis of livelihood for some people. Therefore, we have to introduce some positive habits to counter negative behavior. This is the only way to affect a positive change.

This brings us to the main point of this post. We are going to list down areas where you can include quick 5-minute meditation sessions in your day. This a small change you can introduce in your daily lives to make a positive impact.

5 Minute Mediation Music

Create your 5 Minute Meditation Music playlists

Preparation is the key to success in affecting a positive change. The first thing, you must do is create a playlist with tracks you would like for your 5-minute meditation sessions. This eliminates the first hurdle in your effort. With the music ready. you are ready to take a quick mindful break anywhere.

Secondly, we recommend having reminders in place to prompt you for such breaks during the day. Fitness trackers are great for this task. The apple watch has a great built-in feature where it reminds the user to breathe at periodic intervals. Customize such trackers to fit your routine and you should be ready. These playlists can comprise of 5-minute meditation music nature sounds as well.

Finally, plan your day and identify times and places where you can comfortably take a break for a few minutes. This can be during lunch, during workouts, before sleeping, etc. Set a daily goal of how many times (3-5 times a day should be fine) you would like to take these bite-sized meditation sessions.

Start your day with a 5 Minute Meditation Session

You have done your preparation. It is time to take action. As soon as you wake up, brush your teeth! It is important to feel fresh. Before you do anything else, find a comfortable spot in your bedroom, plug in your earphones, and start your playlist. Be sure to concentrate on your breathing patterns during this exercise.

If you do it right, you will feel a slight tingling sensation on your face. Your body would feel light. At this point lie down flat on your back for a few minutes to enjoy this relaxed state. Get up slowly and proceed with other tasks of the morning. Such sessions of 5-minute meditation music relax the mind and body.

Quick Meditation Breaks At Work

Admittedly, taking breaks at work can be difficult. There is always a fixed schedule with meetings and tasks lined up with coworkers. Most people have this habit of taking lunches while working. These are often called “working lunches”. This is a ridiculous habit. You should at least eat in peace.

These days most office spaces and complexes have lounge areas built up in the buildings or in the complex itself. You should take some time for lunch and take a break for a 5 minute mediation break. Find a space that you can regularly visit, crank up your meditation playlist. Remember to focus on your breathing while you do so. Your lunch will taste even better with a relaxed mind.

5 Minute Meditation Music sessions at work

Just like you don’t compromise on your commitment towards work, you should compromise on your mental health. It is easier since most people are working from home these days.

End Workout with a 5 Minute Meditation session

By this time, you have already completed 2 meditation sessions for the day. Physical exercise is a great stress buster by itself. There is some debate on when is the best time to exercise in the day. From the point of view of mental health, we conclude that workout sessions are more beneficial in the second half of the day. This is so because working out in the evening after work helps to decompress.

Now we recommend that you end your workout session with a meditation session. This works great as a cool-down activity and helps you bring down your heart with a peaceful mind. We have felt a huge benefit of just relaxing with a quick session to bring down the high of the physical workout.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

One of the bad habits that people develop is to listen to some audio to all asleep. This is nothing more than a behavioral symptom of addiction. If your stress levels have been high, this is a common habit people pick up to feel more centered. There are hundreds of home workout apps marketing themselves as a solution to help you sleep. What a load of nonsense. And the customer base for such apps is increasing every day. 5 minute meditation music for sleep

Therefore, it is important to understand this behavior and take corrective action. Meditation is very useful to address these challenges. Since, meditation done right targets the mental state directly. It helps to calm the mind and you should proceed to sleep right after. You would wake up fresher than you have in ages. These 5-minute meditation music for sleep sessions are very helpful in the long run.  You can also consider 5 minute guided meditation programs. These are easily available for free.


The solution to a problem shouldn’t be another problem. Similarly, bad and addictive behavior should be gradually replaced with positive habits in small increments. Just by including short meditation sessions 3-5 times a day, you will feel reduced dependence on the negative aspects of your daily routines.

Please reach out to us for free 5-minute meditation music mp3. We will share download links of copyright-free meditation music. Check out this amazing playlist.

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