GM Diet Day 6 – 2nd Treat Day!

You have made it to GM Diet Day 6. We are on the penultimate day of the GM Diet program. The hard part is now over. You should have lost around 5 kgs by now. Do the pants feel loose? By now, the appetite has reduced and cravings would be gone. This is a great sign at this stage of the program. Clearly, the body has reacted positively to the GM Diet program. Day 6 is another treat day of the program. Today is all about protein and fresh fruits and vegetables.


GM Diet Day 5

Eat 20 oz of meat and unlimited raw or cooked vegetables, excluding potatoes and tomatoes. Vegetarians can have cottage cheese or brown rice in place of meat.

  • breakfast: 5–6 oz serving of meat with 1 bowl of vegetables.
  • lunch: 7–8 oz serving of meat with 1 bowl of vegetables.
  • dinner: 5–6 oz serving of meat with wonder soup.
  • snacks: wonder soup

GM Diet Day 6 – Almost Done Guys!!

You should consume a small portion of the meat in each meal along with fruits and vegetables. We advise consuming more fruit in each portion.

GM Diet Day 2

A quick note on some special instructions. Due to the lack of appetite for most foods, it is important to have just small servings during every meal. Large servings may only make the appetite worse. It is thus best to serve the meat portions with good amounts of fruits and veggies so that the taste buds will be brought back to life.

Physical Symptoms on Day 6

Unlike other days, cravings will not play a major factor today. However, mild symptoms like headaches. Also in some cases, you may experience more frequent trips to the toilet. Both number 1 and 2 :).  With nonvegetarian foods, there can be cravings for sugary drinks or sodas. Be mindful to avoid these items.

GM Diet Hydration

In order to address these symptoms, the following tips are recommended.

  1. Stay Hydrated – This is the golden rule for any healthy diet plan. Have a small glass of water every other hour. On day 6 as well, the body produces more than usual uric acid. For this reason, do not ignore the importance of staying hydrated. This will increase trips to the toilet but that is to be expected.
  2. Watch out for Stress – Stress is a trigger to cravings for comfort foods. A restricted diet leads one to crave food items high in sugar or sodium. Therefore, watch out and be mindful of these triggers.

Bonus Activity

Although it is not required, you can go for a quick run for 30 mins before you retire for the day. This is to sort ensure that the effort of the diet is maximized. You should also consider including meditation sessions in your day to help beat the cravings.

By the end of the day, if you have followed the instructions, you should be at least 4 kgs lighter by the end of the day. Congratulate yourself on a whole day’s hard work. Get ready for the GM Diet Day 7.

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